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The Australian Cobberdog by Britannia UK

 My dogs are part of our family, we enjoy many an evening running on the beach or going to log cabins on holidays. I have a love for my dogs & devotion for this breed which shows even more in my attention to  detail when I decide to have a litter. It is important for me that all hold a DNA Profile together with DNA Health Tests, including Hip & Elbow.  Health tested parents produce a healthy puppy. I always look to the future to find if there is anything more I can bring to this adorable breed. In my spare time if I am not out walking with the dogs I enjoy finding and browsing through pedigrees, checking everything I read. I enjoy bring newborns into the world, watch them grow from whelp to pup through the stages of growing before finding the correct homes. My pain is when they leave to go to their new forever homes. However, this pain does not last long as I receive many photographs and updates on a weekly – monthly and yearly basis. I finding happiness knowing I have helped make a family complete and happy. I do not breed often, I am a hobby breeder. However I am delighted that I have established  my dedication to the breed over the globe. My pups meet with a strong demand because I look for new DNA Health Checked bloodlines to help the future of the breed to grow stronger.  sMALLER WEB LOGO TOPAustralian Cobberdogs. I spend as much time as possible with my dogs and family. When the boys are out at work its fun time for me and the dogs. Our 4 leg family live in our home, kennels is not an option, never could be as they are so much a part of our lives.  When its litter time the dinning room is transformed into the “nursery” with whelping bed, puppy pen – not forgetting a bed for me for the many weeks to follow. Here is where our girls go to have their whelps. Here is where our pups stay. Here is where all become familiar of the big world they have been born into. It is at this time my eye is at its best as I watch and enjoy the pups develop their own personalities.  Only over time can one profess to learn more. Its a wonderful learning curve, including whelping. Although all are the same there are no two alike. All pups leave with the knowledge their new owners can – at any time – pick up the phone and contact me should anything they are not sure about arise. Its called being a good hobby breeder, Having knowledge that can only be learned by experience. My commitment is second to none. But that will always be noticed by any who may find the opportunity to purchase one of my pups. Thanks for taking the time to read, Love Suzzi x 

The “Australian Cobberdog” originated in Australia. With its original name being Australian Labradoodle. The breed became so popular across the world, that it attracted thousands of new breeders. Which we are one of. These breeders started breeding this dog because they wanted to breed ‘cute’ puppies, that people are attracted to because of their beauty and personality.
2010 the breed was losing its traits and unique characteristics which marked them so special, at the start. In 2012 the MDBA, a worldwide dog breed registry for pure breeds, had recognised the original breeder’s proposal to register the genuine unaltered Australian Labradoodle as a pure breed that’s in development.

However, with the condition that the words ‘Labradoodle’ or ‘Australian Labradoodle’ not be used in its name because of the confusion that surrounded the name. Because of this, the name ‘Australia Cobberdog’ was formed. As the word
‘cobber’ is defined as pal, buddy, friend or companion etc. it fitted in nicely with the breeds personality. With the breed being carefully and selectively bred to be a non-molting, friendly dogs that’s intelligence’s are at a higher level than other breed. Also having a rare sixth sense, being a sweet and tender and easily trainable. Which provides the ultimate service dog, for, assistance’s, therapy and medical alerts etc.. The traits that make this breed an amazing service dog, allow it to fit perfectly as a family dog, as its sweet and tender personality makes it child friendly and can settle in with other animals without any anger.

They aren’t bred for a particular purpose, except to have a fun family pet. They have over time proved themselves as a breed to be very easy to train, friendly, calm, have great energy and joy of life.  They are also very willing to please


The Australian Cobberdog is a breed in the making Breeders unite over the globe to assure the future of this wonderful breed – It is NOT a Labradoodle 

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