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Hello everyone, “Ace” here.ace-on-chair

My “Mum” says lots of people all over the world ask about me, so I thought I would start a blog! That way I can let you know everything I get up to.  Hope you enjoy reading my updates, it’s my story, my book. Love Ace.

First, my name is Rutland Kirks Ace of Hearts but everyone calls me Ace.  My “Mum” imported me from Australia in 2014 because she wanted to give more to my breed and help others with new bloodlines and “that’s me”.   I live in the house or on my Dad “Dave’s lap most of the time. I have 3 girls that live with us and we all go to the beach every day with Mom Dad and sometimes JR or Aaron and his wonderful girlfriend come too. Thank you to everyone who is asking to have one of my offspring. My “Mom” is very clever and looks really closely at pedigrees before she makes any decisions. She thought long and hard about the future of my breed that she decided the best way forward for the future or in years to come was to take some of my sperm and freeze it.  So to all those people who are asking for this thank you.

I am so glad my “Mom” found me, she spoils me and the. 3 girls  all the time, and you should see everything she does for my offspring when they arrive. Nothing but the best of comfort and the best of food. I know I am a really lucky boy and I have to say I do like the ladies.  I am very much a gentleman with them too. But my “Mom” says the ladies have to be right and she looks into everything about them before they get to visit me.

Right its walk time at the beach and Mom & Dad are waiting so I have to go. Hope you liked my story so far. Lots of licks and waggie tails. Ace.

Hello everyone, – Its January  2017 – My “Mum” says I have matured beautifully, I am a very handsome chap. I will be looking forward to being a dad again in soon. My “Mum” will let you know how things go. Bye for now.  Ace.

Mum says I get her “Gold Paw Award” because I am so special 

19th March 2017

Hi again folks – How time flies when you are having fun, it’s August 9th 2017. I have been a very busy chap – My mum is delighted to be caring for my offspring born in July 2017. A fabulous litter of 8 Chocolate Box Puppies (ALL CHOCOLATE) Mishka is a great mum  and I am pleased to announce our offspring are doing well and  developing nicely. Mum says I *trill* when I look inside the whelping box – I am singing to my offspring who I take great pride in helping keep clean. I so like being a Dad. –  I am so excited about some other news – but I cannot tell at the moment – Will update you all when I can. Talk soon. Thanks for following me. Love “Ace” xx 

Hi folks, November 2017 already. Had to come back and tell you how much I have enjoyed this year – Mentioned above about the wonderful litter I sired, again most have gone overseas, my offspring really are in demand over the globe. You see what has been proven is I do produce “Type” it’s one of the things that keeps my offspring in demand. Not many Dad’s are consistent when it comes to “Type” but I have the genes to keep “Type” alive, that along with mum’s hard work at assuring the pedigrees are exactly what she wants. I enjoy helping keep the pups clean when in the whelping box and it’s real fun when they start to walk and learn to eat. Even more fun when it’s time to play. I do enjoy being a dad, lots of fun playing and helping teach them where to go when it’s time to do their business. Always clever and quick to learn my young pups. Mum works hard too, she sleeps in the nursery with us till the whelps are old enough to begin to defend for themselves. Mum really praises the pups when they finally are house trained. She’s a special person, but I guess all those that know my mum know that. I will be courting Daisy in 2018 so will have some news for you soon. Have a wonderful Christmas & New Year, and I will be back soon with some updates. Licks and waggie tails Love Ace.

Happy Easter 2018 to everyone. Had to share some info about one of my boys ‘Jake’. He lives here in the UK with his loving human parents. My mum has let me stay with ‘Jake’ and his human parents, we have had some really good fun. Also when Jake is here we have some great fun at the beach. I really am a happy chap. I’m so lucky to have a mum like mine. I know all my offspring are in loving homes with extended human family’s so Happy Easter to you all. Talk to you all soon. Licks and waggle tails. Love Ace.

My son Jake.      A long winter. But spring has now sprung. 








Love “Ace” xx

Rutlands Kirks Ace of Hearts UK  (Australian Imp)/Stud Dog

Aka “Ace” ace-standing-side-on

Fully Health Tested  – Holds a DNA Profile to assure his genetic blueprint/fingerprint

(Frozen Seamen) Straws are now available for import check our links page for more information 

Available at STUD to suitable femalesace-standing-front-on

ace-on-chairace-n-suzziace-small-head-peice ace-n-suzzi-treatsace-head-neckace-head-peice-mouth-closedace-head-peice           ace-small-head-peice      





The Australian Cobberdog is a breed in the making Breeders unite over the globe to assure the future of this wonderful breed – It is NOT a Labradoodle 

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