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Code of Conduct

Australian Cobberdogs by Britannia UK 

The Australian Cobberdog is a breed in the making Breeders unite over the globe to assure the future of this wonderful breed – It is NOT a Labradoodle 

1  At all times I will have my primary focus on what is best for the dogs I own and breed and aim for the best outcomes for the future of that breed(s). I will ensure the quality of life for my dogs, and future generations by a planned process of selection over successive generations.
2  I will register all pups within 6 months of their date of birth (as of 21/2/2013). I will supply the buyer with a copy or the original of the dog’s registered pedigree.
If I am breeding a breed in the MDBA Foundation Registry I will register all pups with the MDBA within 6 months from date of birth.
3  No bitch shall be mated without due consideration as to the well being of the bitch and her offspring.
4  I shall never allow any puppy to leave my premises to go to a new home before the age of 8 weeks. No puppy shall be sold without having had its first vaccination and regular-worming treatments and I will provide documented evidence of such to the purchaser.
5  I will always supply to purchasers relevant breed information that can include a diet sheet, a full and accurate puppy care sheet, health care information, parasite control, microchip information, and any other information that will be helpful to the purchaser.
6  I will keep breeding and health records for all dogs in my care.
7  I will provide a written health guarantee for every pup I breed and sell. I will provide on going support and advice where possible for the life of the pup.
8  I will never knowingly sell any puppy/adult dog to laboratories, pet shops or dealers in dogs or to person’s known to sell stock to any of the above.
9  I will screen prospective buyers for suitability and shall fully advise them of the characteristics of the dog as a breed stressing the necessity for care, grooming and ample exercise
10  I will never knowingly allow a puppy or adult which has any apparent physical defects to be sold without the buyer being made aware of such defects and its possible consequences.
11  I will only sell puppies and adults, which, to the best of my knowledge and belief are in good health at the time of sale.
12  I will comply with all relevant legal requirements when breeding dogs or selling a puppy.
13  I will impress on the buyer that they should contact me immediately in the event of any problem arising with the puppy or adult and I will make every effort where possible and practicable to be of assistance in these circumstances. In the case of a dog needing to be re-homed I will assist as much as possible in achieving this end and will accept the return of that dog at any age if this is possible and practicable.
14  My advertising will be strictly factual. I will not promote my dogs as something they are not.
15  I shall refrain from making negative or malicious statements about other breeder’s, their dogs or practices.
16  I will be co-operative in any measures aimed at eradicating hereditary diseases or genetic defects known or suspected in my breed.
17  I will be honest and forthright in notifying any genetic or heritable diseases found to be in any dogs I have bred or own and pass on any information required to help breeders make informed choices in their breeding program.
18  I shall not breed a litter unless I have the time and facilities to devote proper care and attention to the rearing of the puppies and to the well being of the dam.
19  Any dog/puppy in my care shall receive immediate professional attention should it become ill.
20  I will allow representatives of the MDBA to inspect my property or my dogs if requested.
21  All dogs in my care will be adequately housed in clean, comfortable and weatherproof accommodation with off-lead and exercise time, mental and physical stimulation, companionship and socialisation that meets their breed needs and/or exceeds any local regulations.
22  All dogs in my care will be under control at all times, housing and exercise areas kept clean and all care taken to limit possible disturbance to neighbours.
23  I will lead by example and advocate responsible dog ownership.
24  I will exhibit and promote excellence in the discipline and practice of dog breeding.
25  I will do nothing which will bring the MDBA into disrepute.
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