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Australian Cobberdogs by Britannias

Would you like to reserve a pup from our next litter? Most are spoken for, however, Puppy Line still open for our 2018 summer litter. Please use the contact page if you are interested.

All pups will be passport ready globe and Suzzi Logo Small Registered 

Sire :- Frozen seamen – Straws available   Rutlands Kirks Ace of Hearts UK  (Australian Import)

Aka “Ace” australia-flag

Might have some exciting news to follow shortly so keep looking for further updates. In the meantime if you think you would be interested in this Pedigree combination (The only Pedigree of this breeding) contact me on the contact page! 


Just hanging around but thought I would point my toes to the camera. I am very much the lady- That’s why they called me “Daisy” 

Fully health tested parents holding a DNA Profile

“Britannias Little Duchess”

Dam:- Nantucket Dream Maid of Honour UK (Dam Tasmania)

Sire:- Waffles by Design at Sunset Hills (Canada)



Ace nEW head peiceGrd Sire :- Rutlands Solitaire (Australia)  X Grd Dam :- Rutlands Dress to Impress (Australia) australia-flag

To be added to our Puppy Waiting List contact – or use our contact page 

BRITANNIAS AUSTRALIAN COBBERDOGS – take another step into the future with Fit & Fertile  – Introducing Frozen Stud Dog! *See links page*

If you are interested in this service please contact me using the contact page

Our pups are from *fully health tested parents* Registered with the MDBA

Suzzi Logoglobe

 Can be used in a “Breeding Programme”. “PASSPORT READY” 

Pups for Sale

hollandbowtieFinland FlagSwiss flagIsrael flag

Britannia’s pups are in demand all over the world  

**Join our puppy waiting list** 

Enquire about our Straws from our Australian Import 

Fully Health Tested  – Holds a DNA Profile to assure his genetic fingerprint

Would you like a pup from a DNA Profile & Fully Health Tested Parents?

 Passport Ready! Allowing for export or to take on holiday!

Ace n Churchill First

Pup in FlowerpotPup rough nightPup watering can

Pups 2 benchPup fencve

Pup lying downPup 1 with toyPups sleep greenbackgroundPup in box greenwe are adored

Puppy 8 uprightLook at me now. Stunning headpiece showing attitude.

Dedication – understanding how to read pedigrees – knowing the breed standard – Watching construction – Breed-type – A major part to the  fore in all true breeders mind.

Use the *Contact Page* if you have an interest. I will be happy to add you to my puppy waiting list, if we have nothing available at the time of your enquiry.

As always our future planned litters are from “HEALTH TESTED PARENTS & G/PARENTS. We have exciting fresh healthy blood lines from around the world, making our pups very desirable around the globe.

The Sire & Dam (Litter all sold)

 “Britannias Promenade Princess”UK Pups for Sale

 Rutlands Kirks Ace of Hearts (Imp Australia)Pups for Sale

Puppy 10 uprightPuppy 6 uprightPuppy 4 upright

Puppy 5 landscapeBed puppy 2 ladscape

Puppy 12 uprightEnjoying play time with my litter mates. Puppy 9 LanscapeHere we all are. Enquiries = *contact page

Basket puppy 1uprightBasket puppy 2 uprightSuzzi Puppy 1

Pups cuddlingPups x 2

 Safe in my hands Pup cupped in handsPup mum watchingMum and Newborn.Pups n mum olderPups x 2Pups litter

We are truly blessed

From little acorns grow our Britannias Chocolate Litter

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