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BRITANNIAS AUSTRALIAN COBBERDOGS – take another step into the future with Fit & Fertile  – Introducing Frozen Stud Dog!

Ace nEW head peiceInterested in this service – contact me using the contact page


Please contact DEFRA in regard to any health checks required prior to collection/freezing.


Fit And Fertile Ltd has been very successful for the past 10 years in providing dog owners and breeders a range of natural health products to cover from birth onwards to maintain good healthy condition and wellbeing for all breeds.  Products specially formulated to increase success in the breeding female(s) and stud dog(s).


Introducing Frozen Stud Dog!

Fit and Fertile Ltd launched on 2nd January 2008, providing breeders to advertise their stud dog(s) for natural mating, fresh/chilled or frozen semen around the world.


House Training your pup “Once” you have started weaning your pups

Using a cat tray place a few cups of soft wood pellets. Then place at one end of your puppy pen. Several different sizes of litter trays may need to be used during this time depending on the size of your breed

To begin with use a small tray with low sides to allow the whelp’s access then an intermediate tray and finally very strong rectangular tray with deep sides fitting the width at the end of the pen. 

 Start using the tray as young as possible, as soon as pup is moving off the vet bed they will use the tray instead of the usual news papers. Some may need helped along as we do normally..
Introducing young early enough, before completely weaned the pups will not attempt to sample the wood pellets.
 The wood pellets do not work well with Vet Bed due to when wet they break down into sawdust which then gets tracked on the vet bed and sticks in the fibres. Try using a sort crate pad or bed at this time. 
How good is it to enter the puppy room when  “No” wet pen, “No” smelly poops. The wood pellets absorb most if not everything. Just clean out the tray using white vinegar and water and pups are good to go for the next 4 or so hours

Result. Nice clean puppies. 
Remember to shake off bedding & toys before putting in the washing machine

Construction is in the eye of the beholder. 

Construction is of utmost importance in every breed. Markers show the points of the dog in this motion video. The placing of the feet show correct movement but this is not seen in every clip.

The skeleton showing the dog in motion. Watch the colour of the muscles change as the dog uses those muscles while on the move.

How to toilet/ house train your new puppy

How to groom


How we love our dogs

The Australian Cobberdog is a breed in the making Breeders unite over the globe to assure the future of this wonderful breed – It is NOT a Labradoodle 

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